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Junior chefs of Aotearoa

The top ten teams for Junior Chefs of Aotearoa will gear up for an exciting competition to be held in New Zealand. What was previously known as Junior Masterchef Rotorua, has now been expanded to the entire country and will see ten teams of two competing for exciting prizes. Competitors are aged between nine and fifteen years of age and are coming in from all over the country.

Chef and organizer Deep Kumar received 528 registrations which dwarfed the 200 received last year. “All the kids are very talented," says Kumar; “We have to make some hard decisions.” The young chefs will be mentored and made aware of the guidelines and what is required of them.

The competition is comprised of six rounds, some of which will incorporate a mystery box, a mystery guest challenge, an exhibition at a farmer’s market, and the grand final five-course meal.

Prizes for the competition include $2000 in cash, a holiday package to Rarotonga, a restaurant cooking exhibition experience, memberships to Flex Fitness, and knife sets. Additionally, both winners and runners-up will be involved in the creation of a cookbook with Chef Deep. This competition aims to get young chefs encouraging each other and other children to cook.

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